About the Mansion  History

The Ironmaster’s Mansion is located in the South Mountain landscape of Cumberland County, PA, nestled in Pine Grove Furnace State Park.

Pine Grove Furnace was built during the era of the American Revolution, and one of its first operators was Michael Ege. In 1815, his son, Peter Ege, who built the mansion and enjoyed the longest tenure of any ironmaster, inherited Pine Grove Furnace. In more recent years the Ironmaster’s Mansion has served as a hostel and prominent halfway rest stop for Appalachian Trail hikers. The Central Pennsylvania Conservancy (CPC) recently renovated the Mansion–with the help of generous sponsors and hundreds of volunteers–and reopened it in April 2011 for use as a hostel, meeting space and community resource for education, training and events.

This historic property has dormitory-style accommodations (28 beds) where hikers and other visitors to the park can stay overnight for a nominal charge. This 1829 Mansion has been renovated and is available for your overnight and event needs today!